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Extending SQL Server with Advanced Analytics and R

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Pittsburgh Technology Council
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Featured Presentation

Extending SQL Server with Advanced Analytics and R

Speaker: Mike Schulte, Data Scientist University of Pittsburgh

Summary: The Microsoft SQL Server stack provides an excellent set of tools for storing, visualizing, and analyzing data, but sometimes we want to do more. In this session, we’ll take a look at the open-source statistical software R and how we can use it to connect to SQL Server, analyze data, and put the results of our analysis back into SQL Server for later use. We’ll look at examples of analyses performed by a fictional company as they segment their customers, forecast their sales, and examine interesting relationships among their product offerings. Along the way, we’ll see what some of these analyses would take if done in SQL Server itself and why R is so effective when paired with SQL Server.

About Mike: Mike Schulte is a data scientist at the University of Pittsburgh. In the past, he has worked with BlueGranite, a Microsoft partner based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, during which time he worked closely with Microsoft during the initial development of their new Azure Machine Learning studio. In his spare time, he teaches economics and philosophy courses at Western Michigan University, plays chess, and rings bells in church towers.



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