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April 2012 user group meeting

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A Preview of High Availability in SQL Server 2012
Presented by Allan Hirt of SQLHA
One of the major focuses of the new major version of SQL Server, SQL Server 2012, is mission critical. There are quite a few changes in this upcoming release, including the new AlwaysOn availability groups feature and some changes to failover clustering.
This session will give you a preview of what is coming (including some demo) and talk about how you can start thinking about and preparing for SQL Server 2012 even if it will be awhile before you use it in production.
Allan Hirt has been using SQL Server in various guises since 1992 and is currently a Cluster MVP. For the past ten years, he has traveled all over the world to train, mentor, and work with clients. He has also authored or contributed to publications about SQL Server for Microsoft, SQL Server Magazine, and others via whitepapers, webcasts, training courses, and books. He is a frequent speaker at conferences like TechEd and SQL PASS. His most recent book, Pro SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering, was published by Apress in July, 2009, and he is currently working on a new mission critical book for SQL Server 2012. His blog and contact information can be found at http://www.sqlha.com.


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